Haugesund City center



We offer and organize activities in Haugesund city center. The activities may be tailored to the group, time, budget and program you have. Below are some examples of activities that fit well based on the hotels and Haugesund city center.


Simple and educational tasks must be solved through
the city center. The answers can lie in the city’s history,
buildings or streets, maybe a pub host was the rescue.
Needs no knowledge of the city. Who was the first team
to solve the code?

Price: NOK 150 / 300 pr person (two versions)
Groups from 8 – 150 persons
Time 1-2 hours

Walking tour

Streets and piers, monuments and art, beautiful scenery
and architectural gems. Join a guided tour through
Haugesund city center where you get an insight into the
history of the city and experience some of the city’s attractions.

Price: from NOK 4.000 pr. group
Groups from 10 – 150 persons

Kasjotten Laser tag

Engaging and fun laser game in a building decorated
like an old prison. Two teams play against each other,
who hits the most, which team has the best strategy
and is best in cooperation…

Price: NOK 250,- pr. person

‘Beat for Beat’

In music competition beat for beat, musicians play
well-known songs. The teams will compete to guess
the song and sing along to the chorus. No requirement
for singing voice, this engages everyone!

Price: from NOK 8000,- pr. group
Groups from 10 – 50 persons

‘Pub to Pub’

Join one of Haugesund’s renowned trubadurer to various
‘water holes’ in the center with related stories. It will end
with a small quiz.

Price: from NOK 5000,- pr. group
Groups from 10 – 50 persons

Activity package

Competition, cooperation and creativity. Here is
cooperation and strength of the individual participant
key words to win the competition. The group is
tied together through fun activities to suit everyone.
Puzzles, memorials and bricks are some of the exercises.

Price: from NOK 250 pr. person
Groups from 10 – 200 persons
Time 1-3 hours

Creative exercise

The teams are going to paint each part of a larger
picture. The challenge is to paint your own picture as
best as possible while being consistent with the group’s
overall. You will be supervised by a savvy artist who
helps with technique, colors, etc. You are surprised at
how nice the picture will be.

Price: from NOK 250 pr. person
Groups from 10 – 50 persons
Time 1-2 hours

Boat-/ RIB tour

Experience Haugesund from the sea! Norway’s birthplace
has always lived from the sea, from the time of Vikings,
until the present age of oil. Join an exciting experience of
Haugesund from the sea side. On these trips, you get
magnificent scenary, stories and a great experience of the sea,
here you get to see a lot in a short time.

Price from NOK 6500 pr hour pr boat (12 pers pr boat)
We have all equipment needed such as rescue suits.