Hagland Fortress


Magnificent scenery!

The area has a lot of history from the Viking Age, mining in the 1700-1800s, World War II / Fortress, Wrecking School and many shipwrecks. The resort’s location along the seaside area of Slettå, which is infamous by seafarers, makes it a magnificent natural experience. The historical and natural experience provides a wonderful and unique setting for the events.
Hagland Fortress is unique to nature-based experiences for team building, social events, etc. In the area we offer a variety of activities and facilities / dining in connection with events for groups.

At Hagland Fortress we have premises and outdoor areas suitable for meetings, dining, parties and accommodation. The area is an old German Fortress and have an exciting story to tell..

‘The Stable’

imgp1981A room suitable for 10 to about 100 people. The room has an inner and outer part that can either be divided or opened for larger groups. The inner part is intimate with fireplace, barn lights and sawdust on the floor. In the inner part there is also a simple kitchen. The stable is a tough room with a rough style.
Used for meetings, dining and parties.
The premises is located by the road and is easily accessible.
The Germans used the premises for their horses during the war.
Fits best with casual clothes, maybe a warm sweater is good if it’s cold weather.


‘House in the forrest’


Our newest room suitable for groups of 10 to about 80 people. The room is located in the forest and is built so that some of the walls are open to the surrounding woods, giving a great experience of being in the wild. The walls can be closed completely with “curtains” when the darkness falls and the temperature drops. The room also has a large fireplace, bar and grill.
Used for meetings, dining and parties.
The premises is located about 100 m from the road, a nice walk on the trails / roads.
The house is built on the ground The Germans used as a Signal workshop.
Fits best with casual clothes, maybe a warm sweater is good in the evening or if it’s cold weather.

Bivouac ‘Reiret’

img_7648In the center of the nature park we have created an outdoor area with tables and benches and a big gap hut we call “Reiret”. On one side there is a large fireplace that makes it extra cozy. Here is also a large table with barbecue. In the area there are bonfires and the opportunity to make a fire.
Used as gathering place and outdoor dining facilities.
Located by the road.
‘Reiret’ is built on the grounds of the German kitchen.
Dress up to be outdoors.


‘Command bunker’

In a mountain top is the command bunker, and at the top of it there is a room with 360 ° views with amazing view of the sea area. The tower has windows on all sides with benches and a fireplace in the middle of the room. A different and great place for talk and socializing in the evening, with dim light, the view and the fireplace, some snacks and drinks we promise a great atmosphere. In the rooms below the tower there is a possibility of accommodation with a total of 20 beds spread over several rooms.
Used for socialization.
Located by the road.
Command bunker to the Germans.
Fits best with casual clothes.

  • Info

    • Address:  (MAP LINK)
      Haglandsvegen 146
      N-5514 Haugesund

    R47 between Haugesund and Sveio, exit towards Hagland (Resq – Sikkerhetsopplæring). Follow Haglandsvegen for 4,6 km to #146