Kasjotten Laser tag

Engaging and fun laser game in a big local decorated like an old prison.

Two teams play against each other, who hits the most, which team has the best strategy and is best in cooperation…


Valhall – Playland for adults

Valhall is a large “playland for adults”. Here there is LOTS of activities, everything from the simple to the more demanding.
Fun, exciting, cooperation and competition – A lot of laughter and engagement!
Special offerings for companies and private, closed events for groups and regular opening hours for private.


Hagland Fortress

Hagland Fortress is a unique place for nature-based adventures in conjunction with team building, social events etc.

On the site we offer a variety of activities, facilities and dining for group events. 


Røværholmen Lighthouse

On an islet edge of the ocean lays exotic Røværsholmen Lighthouse.

Wild and powerful nature – incredible story – idyllic yet so raw.

You can only access the islet with RIB boat or helicopter …

Haugesund sentrum

Haugesund City Centre 

We provide and facilitate activities on the basis of the hotels and downtown Haugesund.

The activities can be tailored to your group, duration and budget.