Do you wish for a different christmasparty this year?

We can offer fun activities combined with good food and drinks.


Hagland Fortress

At Hagland Fortress we offer different activities and dining arrangement for groups. We can tailor a event for you with activities, food and entertainment.


With easy and engaging activities you get a fun start on the event. After the activities you can expect a cozy atmosphere with fire in the fireplace, good food and drinks in rough surrondings in “Stallen” (“the stable”). Maybe a troubadour or a band can create the “little extra”.

On the menu you can choose between Ravnaburger or leg of lamb from the local farm, or choose more traditional christmas food such as lamb ribs.

The nature park Hagland Fortress is a great place to have your event since the area is a German Fortress from the second world war and has a very exciting story to tell in addition to great nature.



Valhall is a big inflatable “playland” for adults. We have several fun activities, everything from the simple to the more demanding. It is fun, exciting, creates competition, lots of laughter and a huge engagement.

For closed events you can combine the activity with simple dining. Vi have also cooperation with several restaurants in the city centre (such as Cafe Rene, Cafe MM and Sebastians).

Contact us for more information.


Kasjotten «Laser-Tag»

Lasergames is very engaging, fun and harmless. Two teams play against each other. The goal is to shoot the opposite team with laserguns to gather points (or to save your own “life”). The game is placed in a venue decorates as an old prison where smoke, lights and sound effects plays a part to make it extra fun and exciting. After the game you get results both for the team and individually. We have different games you can choose from such as “Team Death Match”, “Capture the flag”, “Chaos” etc.

You can combine the activity with simple dining in our premises. We also have cooperation with several restaurants nearby (Cafe Rene, Cafe MM and Sebastians).

Contact us for more information.

Rebusrace in Haugesund Centre

Simple and educational tasks must be solved through the streets of the city. The answers can lie in the city’s history, buildings or streets, maybe a pub host was the rescue. Requires no knowledge of the city. Who was the first to solve the code? There are two versions of the rebus race;

    • Short version: Time about 1 hour, price NOK 150 per person. Solve 8 tasks through the center streets.
    • Long version: Time about 2 hours, price NOK 300 per person. In addition to 8 tasks, there are tastings from, for example, chocolate studio, bakery or drinks on a bar.