Birthday party


Ranging from active parties for children to good food and drinks in beautiful surroundings for adults! 

Arrange an active birthday with Ravnafloke!

Have a outdoorparty in the naturepark Hagland Festning or enjoy amusing games and competitions in Valhall. At Hagland Festning you get to unfold in the nature with fun activities and experience exciting history. In Valhall, our playland, there is lots of activities, laughter and great engagement with a lot of jumping and bouncing.





Childrensbirthday with Ravnafloke in Hagland Naturepark is an active celebration where the kids get to unfold in the nature with activities both high and low. With our own playarea, lavvos and a lot of exciting history from WW2 and the Viking Ravnafloke.

Ravnafloke arranges everything
We serve Ravnafloke burgers made of ecological meat from the farm, drinks and icecream. An exciting trip through the area with trenches and bunkers and storytelling about the Viking Ravnafloke (we customize after age). Games and activities in the park.


  • Food: Ravnafloke burger, drinks and icecream (the burger contains no pork). You can bring you own cake.
  • Tour/Activity with guide tour of the bunkers/ trenches with tales or obstacle course
  • Free play on the playground / activity area
  • Duration: About 2 hours (Typically 17.00 – 19.00)
  • Appropriate for children between 6-12 years
  • Price 2850,- NOK (Up to 15 max) + 190,- per person beyond 15 pcs
  • Possible to choose a trip with the snowcat in addition, price NOK 1000,-




With a visit in Valhall we can promise tired kids afterwards, here there is a high level of activity and commitment. Valhall is a large indoor playland really intended for adults, but the birthday parties we have organized so children as young as 10 years can try the activities

Preferably monday – wednesday, but thursday and sunday is also possible.


We have two options for birthdayparties in Valhall (from 10 years and up): 

Kr.2625,- up to 15 persons (+170,- for ekstra beyond 15), entrance for about two hours . (Can bring you own cake, no other foods).

Kr. 3975,- up to 15 persons (+260,- for ekstra beyond 15), in addition to entrance for about 2,5 hours, we serve pizza and drinks (Can bring your own cake). 



(PS! Pay upon arrival, not when booking)


Lasergames is very engaging, fun and harmless. Two teams play agains each other. The goal is to shoot the opposite team with laserguns to gather points (or to save you own “life”). The game is placed in a venue decorated as an old prison where smoke, lights and sound effects plays a part to make it extra fun and exciting. Aftrer the game you get results both for the team and individually.

Each game lasts 18 minutes and the prices are per person (minimum 8 pcs). Age limit 12 year


2 games á 18 min (without food) NOK 205 pr pers
Time: ca 1,5 hour (if your are more than 20 pers it takes approx 2 hours)

2 games á 18 min (including food) NOK 345 pr pers

Menu 1: Pizza & soda inside Kasjotten

Menu 2: Hamburger & soda at Cafè Renè (Scandic Maritim)

You need to pay for a minimum of 8 persons.



(PS! Pay upon arrival, not when booking)




For those who want a casual and maybe an active celebration then Hagland Festning is a great option. Simple games/competitions like the “riddle race” or an activity package provides a nice start and a talking point for hours. Rough premises in scenic settings provides a great setting for food and the social.

Please contact us for prices and proposed programs.