Strategy and cooperation


With full protection and your paintball marker ready, you and your team are looking to catch the opponent. Strategy, planning and cooperation is key. Some storms through bushes and thickets, some is lurking in the woods or in the trenches, while others guards the bunker. 

An exciting, fun and challenging activity that is suitable for teambuilding, kickoffs or bachelorparties.

Vi have all the equipment you need (bring good shoes). You can choose between different games and courts, but the main principle is that two teams is competing against each other.


The success lies in the strategy and cooperation you manage as a team.

At Hagland Fortress you get to play in tough terrain with trenches and bunkers after the Germans from WWII.

  • Practical info

    • Price: NOK 500 pr pers (min 8 pers)
      Tracked vehicle NOK 50 pr pers
    • Duration: Approximately 2 hours
    • Season: March – November
    • Level: Easy – Intermediate – Difficult