Obstacle Course


Cooperation is the only way the team can overcome challenges and cross the various obstacles in the course. It is also possible for 2 teams to compete against each other, then it is easy to see which team is best at working together, play on each other and get everyone on the team to participate. The obstacle course consists of different puzzles and obstacles to be resolved / passed. Common to them all is that you must work together to complete them. There are challenges for both the head and body. Obstacles consist of code locks to be solved, balancing on logs, crossing monkey bars, climbing nets and more. This is well suitable for teambuilding, kickoff, outings or private gatherings. Nothing more is required than being dressed for being outside. You must cooperate and help each other, maybe someone needs to take the lead, some are creative and find intelligent solutions, while others have an advantage in physical strength. Regardless, you will not finish if not all cooperate.

  • Practical info

    • Price:
      Short version  NOK 250 pr pers (min 10 pers)
      Long version  NOK 350 pr pers (min 10 pers)
    • Season: March – November
    • Level: Easy – Intermediate – Difficult