Competition, cooperation and creativity!


The only way to succeed is through teamwork and the ability to utilize the individual’s strength. Everyone laughs when someone gets lost on the “blind-mans buff”. The competition is heated when shooting at targets and the creativity is challenged in the barrel relay. The group gets closer together through fun activities that is suitable for all.

The packages are put together from a wide range of simple and fun activities, which anyone can join. The activities, can be for example “blind mans buff” relay, target shooting, fender throwing, barrel relay, hoop competition or building a herring barrel. This is well suitable for teambuilding, kickoff, outings or larger private groups. Nothing more is required than being dressed for the outdoors. We put together activities adapted to the group and the purpose you have. You must work, play and rely on each other, maybe someone needs to take the lead, and who is most creative?  You will see a lot of exhausted faces …. exhausted by laughing.

  • Practical info

    • Price: 300,- NOK pr person (min. 10 persons)
    • Season: march – nov
    • Level: Easy – Intermediate – Difficult