Valhall – Playland for adults


Valhall is a big “playland” for adults. A lot of different activities from simple to more demanding. Fun, excitement, cooperation and competition. A lot of laughter and a good workout!


(Haugesund centre)

Engaging and fun laser-games in a lagre venue decorated like an old prison

Two teams play against each other. Who gets most hits, which team has the best strategy and who is best at teamwork…



Activity packages

(Hagland Fortress)

The packages are put together from a wide range of simple and fun exercises, which everyone can participate in. The activities, can be for example “blind mans buff”, target shooting, throwing a fender, building a barrel, hoop competition, relay or different types of puzzles.


Obstacle course

(Hagland Fortress)

The obstacle course is consisting of various tasks and obstacles that must be addressed / crossed. Common to them all is that you must work together to complete them. There are there tasks for both head and body.


Rebus race in natural park 

(Hagland Fortress)

Around the area at Hagland Fortress there is hidden boxes with code locks.

If you can solve the task you get the code to open the box, where you will get the solution or perhaps a new task.


Boat/ RIB tour


A thrilling experience of Haugesund by boat. On these trips you get magnificent nature, stories and a great experience of the sea. Here you can experience a lot in a short time.



(Hagland Fortress)

With full protection and the paintball marker ready you and your team are looking to catch the other team. Strategy, planning and cooperation is the key to success.


Rebus race in city centre

(Haugesund centre)

Experience Haugesund with a rebus race where the tasks takes you through the city streets (with or without tastings at a baker and chocolate studio).


Hot tubs

(Hagland Fortress)

Relax and re-energize – a perfect social activity that gives something extra to any occasion – suitable for work and leisure events.


“Resq me”

(Hagland/ RESQ)

An exciting and very educational experience in fire fighting and rescue. Perfect as teambuilding for companies. Can one also include HSE work.


Wilderness camp

(Hagland Fortress)

Make food together in beautiful and unique surroundings at Hagland Fortress.
A great arena for doing something pleasant and social together.
Not to mention tastefull and local food..