Hagland Fortress

Hagland Fortress is a unique place for nature-based adventures in conjunction with team building, social events etc.

On the site we offer a variety of activities, facilities and dining for group events. 

Valhall – Playland for adults

Valhall is a big “playland for adults”. Here there is LOTS of activities, everything from the simple to the more demanding.

Fun, exciting, cooperation and competition – Much laughter and large commitment!

Offers for companies and private, closed events for groups and regular hours for all.


Spectacular scenery summer and winter!

Røldal is known as the most-snowy square in Europe with adventure experiences for absolutely everyone.

Events for groups with everything from activities and food to accommodations.

Our activities in Røldal is suitable as team building for coo-workers, as a school trip or a way to spend time with your friends/family.

Haugesund Centre 

We provide and facilitate activities on the basis of the hotels and downtown Haugesund.

The activities can be tailored to your group, duration and budget.

Røværholmen Lighthouse

On an islet edge of the ocean lays exotic Røværsholmen Lighthouse.

Wild and powerful nature – incredible story – idyllic yet so raw.

You can only access the islet with RIB boat or helicopter …

Kasjotten Laser tag

Engaging and fun laser game in a big local decorated like an old prison.

Two teams play against each other, who hits the most, which team has the best strategy and is best in cooperation…